FileAmigo 7.3

FileAmigo LE is a powerful tool that can keep your database truly functional
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FileAmigo LE is a powerful tool that can keep your database truly functional. This is a complete data management solution that can systematize, access, analyze, report and share anything from your database. With this application, you can easily get a highly efficient database system by managing all the information stored in the system. The best part about this tool is that, even a non-technical user without programming knowledge, can design and manage databases and reports for just any situations. The task of creating projects, membership, prospect list, maintenance schedules, event planning and much more, can be accomplished easily. The program allows you to design a file in many ways; you can create from scratch, from template or by importing a text file. This is a tool that provides many functionalities which can be used to add supporting data such as notes, contact, history, etc., create reports from the data records, import data into a new file, export data to spread sheet and word-processing programs and so on. Its Find and Replace option helps to replace data value in a file. The tool is free for non-commercial users, but the other versions like FileAmigo Pro and FileAmigo Web with many more advanced features, are available on its website.

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